How should I clean my doll?

Spot clean with mild soap and water on a clean rag.  Air dry.  Do not machine wash or dry.  Be especially careful washing embroidered areas.


Do you do bulk orders?  

 Yes.  Bulk orders consist of 5 or more of the same doll ordered at once.   There is a discount on bulk orders but half of the total price must be paid up front and the other half upon completion.  Bulk orders take time, so please contact me several months ahead of time to make an arrangement.


Do you do custom orders?  

At this time, no.  This hobby is something I squeeze in on the fringes of my busy days.  I simply don’t have the room in my schedule to accommodate custom dolls.  


Why do you sell in batches? 

I have found that my life works better when I can complete a task before moving onto the next one.  So I will have a sewing season when I can create as many dolls as I can, and then I will put away the sewing stuff and go into selling/ shipping mode and have all the stuff out for that.  I know it isn’t as convenient as buying at anytime, but that is the difference between mass produced toys and handmade toys.  A real person with a real life is making these items, not a machine.  


You sold out before I could buy a doll. What can I do?

 In 2021, my goal is to do two batch sales.  One in April and one in November.  They will not have the same dolls in them, some will change.  Please keep an eye on my Instagram feed @glowtreecrafts for announcements. I will give a specific day and time when my shop will be restocked with a few weeks of notice.   You may also purchase my dolls from Draw Near Designs Marketplace.  


What is your Return/ Exchange Policy? 
All sales are final.
 If there is a problem with your order, please contact me right away. When you are ordering, please double check your shipping address, as I cannot be responsible for shipping to an incorrect address if it is the address that you provided.